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Tri-ing something new!

8.  Yup.  Just 8 weeks to transform this team-sport, short-burst, walk-a-mile, bike-to-work body into a machine ready (and willing) for its first ever TRIATHLON!!!!!!! 

Dude…it’s getting real.

Swimming. For years I thought of myself as a decent swimmer, until recently when I had to try and swim any significant distance in a timely manner…oh…and not have a heart attack while trying to do so! Apparently waterwings and flutter boards are not allowed in competition…sheeeesh! So, with the help of a friend who has completed several triathlons, I’ve been retraining to swim properly and more efficiently. And let me tell you…it is no joke…it is a GRIND!!!! Who knew swimming was SO much effort!!! None of this splishy, splashy, lounging on floaties and drinking cold, colourful drinks type of swimming…nope! It’s been drills, techniques, and hypoxia. I think I’m finally starting to “get it”…but I haven’t done any open water training yet. The lake is still a bit chilly but I’m hopeful that by the end of the month I’ll be gracing the local beachgoers with my not-so-summer-ready body complete with bright green swim cap and dorky swim goggles…that’s right ladies, step aside…the runway’s ALL mine LOL.

The biking and running are going well enough…for a beginner. I’ve done quite a lot of “brick” training and am starting to feel more confident and comfortable during the transition from biking to running – who knew my feet would feel so numb and my quads like large chunks of concrete after biking only 20 km?!!? Insert eyeroll. Also, there is literally a huge hill in every direction from my home so that’s also helpful for training, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

To distract myself from my training, I’ve turned to my yard and gardens. Summer is just around the corner in my neck of the woods, and my gardens are really coming to life! (Yes, yes, I know…this was months ago for you west-coasters!) The arrival of warm, sunny weather has driven me outdoors which means I can’t seem to get much of any indoor housework done…so maybe call before you drop by…or at least bring an extra pair of socks so you can just dispose of the ones you wear through my house when you leave?? Trying to keep my priorities in line with where they should be is one of my biggest and life-long struggles. I feel like I’m constantly reminding myself of the importance of connecting with my family, friends and community over having the cleanest, tidiest house on the block or nicest looking yard and flower beds in the neighbourhood. Listen, I live on a street full of retirees…the struggle is REAL my friend…they bring some serious gardening A-game…the bar is set very high!

So, if you see anyone out swimming, biking, or running this summer, perhaps you can tell yourself they represent those of us who for some reason like to push ourselves beyond what we’ve known to be comfortable and just might be tri-ing (see what I did there? 😉 something new! They also represent unkept lawns and gardens as well as giant piles of dirty laundry…because you know…fresh air and sunshine for the win!


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