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All Things Considered

A blog writer eh?! I am both excited and absolutely terrified at the idea LOL I’ve never EVER thought of myself as a writer…in fact…any sort of English courses I’ve taken have always been my lowest marks. OH! And have mentioned I was THE last student to get my “pen” in grade 5? No? Well, I was, and it appears I’m still not over it LOL (long story).

I’ve never really thought of myself as much more than some ordinary chick just trying to stay upright on this giant spinning rock. You know, making small differences where I can, trying to bring a bit of sunshine wherever I go and remembering to have some fun along the way. I think there is beauty in simple things like friendship and flowers, making people feel welcome in my home and hoping one day my children will understand their true worth in this world and in turn show others their value too. 

There’s nothing overly complicated about me…what you see is what you get! 

I will say though, I was always a bit intimidated about turning 40, thinking it was some magical number pushing me to start “growing up,” to become a more serious (insert dull) person…or something boring like that. I’m happy to say my 40’s have been anything but boring! I have discovered a whole new confidence and awareness of how I’m put together to experience and engage with life and what I might have to offer. Of course, it’s a process, but I am shedding the fear of not being enough or having to be something I’m not just to impress others. And let me tell you my friends, it is FREEING!!

I’ve discovered I have something to contribute.  Maybe this meandering mind of mine has actually made some paths to deeper thinking and fresh ideas. I believe I am so much more than my RA and though I’d like a re-deal for the cards I’ve been delt, I recognize the incredible opportunity I have, to play my hand well and in such a way to encourage others, dispel myths and advocate for change.

I have learned to welcome challenges as ways to spread my wings and see what this old gal’s got in ‘er!! You know…rev up the engines, clean out the carbon or something big and macho-sounding like that LOL

All things considered; I have a great life. Come along for the ride and let’s see where this road takes us 🙂


person with rheumatoid arthritis